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Have you been injured in a delivery truck accident in Decatur or Huntsville, Alabama? Huntsville and Decatur are big cities with delivery trucks operating round the clock. Due to the number of deliveries being made and the population of the cities, it is not uncommon for delivery truck accidents to occur. Personal injuries caused by delivery trucks are all too often the source of catastrophic injury or wrongful death for the victims involved. Delivery truck drivers have tight deadlines to meet all day long. This often leads drivers to be aggressive or reckless in an effort to stick to their schedule or make up for already lost time. This, in turn, leads to thousands of delivery truck accidents each year. If you have been injured in a delivery truck accident, call now for your no obligation, FREE CONSULTATION with one of our delivery truck accident attorneys. If you are unable to come to our Decatur or Huntsville office, we also offer home and hospital room consultations. We also offer the only Lowest Fee Guarantee in Alabama. Call now. Call 256-534-3435 or 256-350-7200. We are here to help.

Delivery truck accidents can literally happen at any place in Alabama, at any time. Whether it is a residential delivery, a commercial delivery to a business, or a mail courier, all of these vehicles have the potential to cause serious injuries to pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists. These accidents can be caused by negligence, improper maintenance, or even inadequate training. Delivery truck drivers working for parcel delivery services face tremendous pressure to meet delivery deadlines, which often lead to accidents. While delivery trucks are generally lighter in weight then semi-trucks or tractor-trailer trucks, they are still prone to accidents if not properly maintained or driven by negligent delivery drivers. Many truck accidents involve a delivery truck driver that was driving too fast or recklessly driving in an attempt to make timely deliveries or make more deliveries to earn extra money. If you were injured in an accident involving a delivery truck driver in the Decatur or Huntsville area, you should retain a personal injury attorney who can advise you of our legal options. Delivery truck accidents are relatively common because FedEx and UPS employees are under extreme pressure to deliver packages as quickly as possible. Efforts to get the job done quickly can lead to negligent and careless actions, and cause serious accidents.

Causes of Huntsville Delivery Truck Accidents

Pressure to meet delivery deadlines is a primary factor in most accidents involving delivery trucks. Many accidents are caused by:

  • The driver fails to yield when merging onto a highway;
  • The driver attempts a sudden left turn to save time;
  • The driver failure to engage the truck’s parking brake when delivering a package to a building and the truck rolls into pedestrians or traffic;
  • Double-parking, causing rear-enders
  • The driver passes an address and backs up instead of circling the block, and crashes into a vehicle, bicyclist or pedestrian;
  • Poorly trained drivers.
  • Causing head-on collisions after turning into side-streets going the wrong way
  • Running into parked cars in parking lots or running over pedestrians
  • Loading dock injuries when crushing workers as trucks back up unsafely
  • Run red lights
  • The driver was simply speeding to make a deadline or texting while driving, etc
  • Drinking
  • Driver’s employer who is vicariously liable for the driver’s negligence
  • Use of Drugs
  • Improper vehicle maintenance
  • Defective products
  • Driving while tired or overworked
  • Trucking Company Violations
  • Tires

Other causes of delivery and other truck accidents include equipment failure, tire or break failure, driving while intoxicated, driver fatigue and multitasking (i.e., talking on a cell phone or texting). Delivery truck accidents can also occur in parking lots where the trucks are making deliveries to local stores and other retail outlets. Though at a lower speed, the large size of the trucks can cause serious injuries.

Types of Alabama Delivery Truck Accidents

There are many different types of delivery car and truck accidents. Delivery trucks and the services that they provide are part of nearly every person’s day to day life. Some common delivery trucks that are often involved in accidents in and around Huntsville and Decatur, but not limited to, include:

  • Mail or Post Office Courier Trucks
  • Ice Cream Trucks
  • United Parcel Services Trucks (UPS)
  • Federal Express Trucks (FedEx)
  • Tool Vendor Trucks (Snap-On)
  • Flower Delivery Trucks
  • Furniture Mover Trucks
  • Commercial Freight Trucks
  • Storage Couriers PODS Trucks
  • Pizza Delivery(Dominos)
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Cement Trucks
  • Construction Trucks

Federal Regulations

Delivery truck drivers and the companies that hire them must adhere to the same Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations that govern other truck drivers. These regulations set mandatory requirements for safe operation of all commercial trucks, such as:

  • Driver training requirements
  • Maintenance requirements for trucks
  • Mandatory driver recording of hours of service
  • Alcohol and drug prevention programs for drivers

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